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Racial Justice & Healing Workshops

Melissa offers 60-90 minute workshops designed to help participants learn about the various manifestations of racism and how to address it in their professional and personal settings. Participants will be equipped with tools and resources to understand the complexity of racism and to identify ways they can engage in the work of eradicating it. They will emerge with greater capacity to talk about this difficult subject. Melissa has facilitated numerous workshops in a variety of settings including health care institutions, schools, and churches, and adapts the program to fit the needs of different groups. 

Healing Workshops

Melissa draws from her strengths as a spiritual practitioner in creating healing spaces where participants seeking to gather to connect with others can engage in intentional exercises and rituals designed to cultivate connection, inner healing, and restoration. Participants will emerge with resources and tools to help them continue nurturing their interior lives which provides the foundation for their racial justice work.


Melissa is available to speak on panels and to provide talks which explore a variety of topics related to racial justice and healing including historical racial trauma and resilience, the clinical implications of racism, mass incarceration, forgiveness, reconciliation, and the role of spirituality in social transformation.

Contact & Scheduling

To contact Melissa to discuss scheduling and fees for a workshop or an event, please email her at the site below.

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