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Healers of the Wound ~Healing Racism from the Inside Out  (HOW) is a multidisciplinary, interactive workshop designed to empower individuals and organizations with the resources to engage in the transformational work of racial justice and healing.

Various topics are explored including:

  • applying anti-racism framework within institutions

  • implicit bias

  • historical racial trauma & resilience

  • Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

  • racial health disparities

  • clinical implications of racism

  • mass incarceration

The aim of the program is to enable those who care about building their capacity in this area to see themselves as “healers of the wound” in the work of eradicating racism in our world, beginning with themselves. Melissa works together with the participants to create an atmosphere that is conducive to open dialogue and constructive, courageous learning. The goal is to transform our way of being in the world into human beings that are reconnected to each other through truth and mutual respect. This setting is also designed to promote team building and to deepen the connections between the participants. HOW is rooted in the ethic of love and the African philosophy of Ubuntu which affirms that "a person is a person through other persons."

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