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Melissa’s presentation provided essential historical information about racial justice in America.  Her skill as a facilitator, how she framed the discussion, opened hearts and minds to be able to both feel and understand  “how we got to where we are today.”  By providing realistic suggestions for what individuals, groups and organizations can do, Melissa encourages hope for the future. 

Mary Johnson

Director of Community Health

Mount Auburn Hospital

Cambridge, MA


Haggerty School Race Matters Talk feedback...

Melissa's talk at our school was easily the most productive one I have attended.  Through her own personal storytelling, knowledge and expertise she was able to create the kind of safe, open space which easily lent itself to conversation and exploration.  Her honest manner and obvious warmth allowed our group to listen and participate in a way I only wish could happen more often.  I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Erin Howell


Haggerty School

Cambridge, MA


Melissa brings the language of healing to this work in a way that is exceptional; in fact, she embodies healing and love.  In bringing this to the work, she invites people to go to a deeper place with racial justice, and as a result one is moved beyond simply an intellectual understanding of racism.  Her work touches your heart.  Her authenticity, insight and wisdom are coupled with a deep compassion for everyone struggling in this racialized society.  She is a true gift to all who care about racial justice.   

Stacy Carruth

Community Health Network Area 17


I had the honor of attending several of Melissa's sessions, "Healing the Wound."  She is a remarkable facilitator in creating space for participants to safely explore white privilege, the exploitation, fears and concerns of people of color and the challenges we all face in learning how to treat ourselves and one another with full dignity.  She is a phenomenal and gifted advocate and healer.  Any organization that invites Melissa to present will have no regrets.

Rev. Beth Loomis
Director of Pastoral Care
Mount Auburn Hospital

Cambridge, MA

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